Who are the Target Audiences for IDEC events?

IDEC events are often attended by aspiring entrepreneurs, Startups, business owners, middle level executives and students who are interested to have their own venture

Based on IDEC Customer Database :

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How is IDEC marketed?

IDEC advertises its events through online marketing verticals like SEO, SEM, Social Media, Influencers etc.

IDEC also have media partners like Techinasia, e27, DailySocial, Detik to provide us with media coverage

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Why should you be a Brand Sponsor to IDEC event?

IDEC organised about 84 events a year. We have an average of 150 attendees per events, this translate to 12,600 attendees a year.

How can you benefit from the sponsorhip?

Increase Eyeballs

Huge increase to your brand exposure due to large number of weekly audiences to our events.

Targeted audience

Your brand is targeted at a relevant crowds thus increasing conversion rates full stop.

Positive branding

Your brand will be perceived positively as your brand is associated to assisting towards the goal of promoting our economy.

Direct access to audience

You get direct access to the audience at our event to get a better “feel” of how the audience perceive your product and services.

IDEC Events

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